Gauging the Highs and Lows of the London Olympics

With the London Games coming to a close, I find myself reflecting on the enjoyable times I’ve had watching them with my family. So, as we now have no choice but to sit back and wait for another four years, I’ve decided to recap the good with the bad of my Olympic experience.

High – The Saturday morning after the Opening Ceremonies, I woke up to find both of my boys in front of the TV watching the 150 mile bicycle race through the English countryside. I can’t imagine another scenario where I would sit and watch a bicycle race and that includes one with me in it. But for whatever reason, I got nostalgic for my time in England as the rider’s raced through scenes that looked vaguely familiar. The ending came down to two guys duking it out and it was a nail-biter.  It was my younger son’s first Olympic moment ever and we watched the ending together. Definitely a good memory.

Low – Why, oh why did they have to drag Paul McCartney out for the Opening Ceremonies. I mean, I get it, but both my wife and I walked around for days humming, Hey, Jude. And to quote Seinfeld, that’s not going to be good for anybody.

High – Staying up until 11:00 with my kids to see the women’s gymnastics team and Gabby Douglas win gold.

Low – Having to stay up until 11:00 with my young kids to see the women’s gymnastics team and Gabby Douglas win gold.

High – Hearing the announcers get so into the swimming coverage that they were actually yelling by the end of some of the races. It definitely added tension and drama to the proceedings. More than once, my children nearly exploded trying to contain themselves during a super tight race.

Low – Having the announcers build McKayla Maroney up to the point that you knew something was going to go wrong.

“There is no one on the face of this planet…or any planet that is going to be able to beat McKayla Maroney. She is absolutely the only person who can do the vaults she does and she neeevvvveeeerrrr messes up. She is practically god-like in her ability to do the vault. Here she goes, see how she runs? It is so superior to everyone who has ever run before. You just get the sense she could sprout wings and fly away like the mythical creature she is. She is so amazing and…

she fell on her butt. Well, she probably won’t win now.”

Thanks Al Trautwig, Tim Daggett and Elfi Schlegel. Please don’t make the trip to Rio.

High – Literally having my jaw drop at the speed of some of the sprinters during the preliminary rounds of the 100 m. It was like watching a Ford Mustang race a hobo with a shopping cart. It was amazing.

Low – Being force fed ‘wedgie-ball’ night after night after night. Congrats to the American beach volleyball teams on being very good, but when did this version of the sport become so much bigger than say, I don’t know, the original version of the sport which was a million times more interesting to watch. Or would have been had we been given a chance to see it.

High – The Queen skydiving.

Low – Ryan Seacrest

High – Experiencing the summer games again for the first time through the eyes of my children.

Low – 

No, let’s end on a high. Looking forward to Rio, but at the same time, wishing my kids didn’t have to be four years older when we get there.


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