The Language of Color

For my first post on this new forum I’ve created for myself, I could give a brief introduction of who I am and what about me is interesting.  But since I’m not an interesting person, I’ve decided not to bother.  Instead, I’m going to tell you about my favorite color as well as share some thoughts on other shades in the color spectrum.  Through that, you should gain all the insights about me you should ever need.

My entire life, my favorite color has been red.  I’ve never wavered.  Well, except for the two years I spent in Great Britain.  During that time, my favourite colour was red.

Having red as my desired hue was extremely fortunate when I entered the public school system in Duncan, Arizona.  The school colors were (and still are) red and grey.  I’m pretty ambivalent towards grey, but so was the school as red tended to be the dominant color. I’ve always felt fortunate that my school was not one of those that chose blue and gold as their standard. I have an aversion to looking like a cub scout past the age of ten. (My deepest apologies and sympathies to the graduates of Pima High School.)

I believe red is very representative of who I am as a person. For one, I consider myself a mid-range conservative on the political spectrum therefore I fit in well in red-state America.  Although, I should note that those who consider themselves part of the tea party would undoubtedly find traces of blue in my blood.  Does that make me a blue-blood? My checkbook suggests no. But there are some moderate tendencies in my belief system and so those who consider themselves far more conservative than me would probably not refer to me as a “red-blooded American.”

I think red also is very indicative of my attitude towards sports, or competition in general.  I absolutely, unequivocally and without a doubt hate to lose. It makes me see red. I also tend to be an aggressive driver.  I hold no ill will towards my fellow motorists, but I have no desire to drive behind any of them.  Therefore, my face will turn red with frustration every time I encounter a driver who averages a speed five miles an hour below the speed limit at points when the unbroken yellow lines are visible in the middle of the road, but then considers themselves a grand prix driver as soon as a passing lane appears. My wife informs me that when I’m not in the vehicle, she tends to drive this way.

My second favorite color is green. I believe this says something about my view of nature. When I was in Britain, I fell in love with Wales. When I visited London? Not impressed. My favorite vacation I’ve ever been on was to Maui, Hawaii. One place I don’t care if I never see again? Las Vegas. I will feel my life was not completely full if I never see the beauty of Alaska and British Columbia. If I never see New York City I can die a happy man.

The one exception to the paragraph above is Disneyland. Put Disney in the equation and all of my aversion to crowds and cities go away. I can’t explain it, it just is.

I do not care for pink and I despise light purple. It makes me think of an old woman. Not that old women are bad. I sincerely hope to be married to one some day, but something about the shade of lilac conjures up all that is distasteful about decorative soaps, moth balls and Lawrence Welk.

I look forward to sharing more here at my new blogging home.  If my audience consists of me and me alone? I believe I’ll be in good company. But if there is anyone else out there, I welcome your thoughts as well.  So if you have any insights on what your favorite color says about you, I would love to hear it.

And thanks for surviving this most unimportant of posts.



  1. Michelle Christon (Broadbent) · July 26, 2012

    YOU ARE ACE!!!!

    • rrapier33 · July 31, 2012

      Thank you so much. I haven’t heard the description of Ace in decades. It took me a little while to realize you were Sis. Broadbent. How are things in the prettiest country on earth? I’m enjoying the Olympics and all the memories they are bringing back even though I never actually lived in that portion of the country.

  2. John B · August 1, 2012

    First, I am so happy to see you are starting this new blog. I love the way you write.

    Second, since you asked for it, my favorite color is blue. I also had a red high school (Go Cardinals!) but I never really found myself connecting to the color. My university was blue with a red rival and that was easier to get behind. Politically, I am in the red state territory but definitely not deep red. So, why do I love blue? Simply because I look better in blue then red. It’s really all just about me.

    • rrapier33 · August 1, 2012

      I have to admit, my wife gives me many more compliments when I wear blue shirts as opposed to red, maybe I should give that more credence than I have in the past. Thanks for joining me here at the new blogging home.

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